The MTA will soon begin phasing out MetroCard vending machines across the five boroughs, sources tell NY1. 

Sources say the MTA will begin replacing them with OMNY vending machines throughout the system in the first half of 2023, pending successful hardware and software testing.

It is not yet clear which subway stations will see the new vending machines first, or the pace of adoption. There are a total of 2,317 MetroCard vending machines in operation across the transit system, according to the MTA.

Both systems will be available for customer use until the MetroCard is officially retired. However, to accommodate the new OMNY vending machine installations, some MetroCard vending machines will be removed, according to sources.

In 2019, the city launched a public pilot of OMNY’s contactless payment system, which allowed riders to use credit cards, debit cards and smart devices to pay for fares at select subway stations and buses around the city.

Over the following year, the MTA expanded the system to all remaining subway stations and buses across the five boroughs.

For customers looking to stay ahead of the curb and purchase a physical OMNY card now, they can use cash, credit or debit at more than 2,000 retail locations in the New York metro area.

OMNY retail sales and reload locations include places such as CVS, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, independent drug stores and others, according to the MTA.