Many of us could never get through the day without a cup, or cups, of coffee.

The entire coffee industry continues to grow at a rapid pace in the United States, and a Brooklyn woman is part of it.

Sahra Nguyen founded Nguyen Coffee Supply back in 2018. She gets her beans from her parent’s home country of Vietnam in an effort to help both local farmers and the environment.

Nguyen joins “News All Day” on Women Wednesday to speak about her coffee company.

She says she was inspired to get into the coffee industry after being unable to find a fresh roasted Vietnamese coffee bean in the U.S. market, despite the fact that Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world.

Nguyen Coffee Supply focuses on the robusta bean, which she says has double the amount of caffeine, double the antioxidants, and 60% fewer fats and sugars than the well-known arabica bean.

Nguyen says that the robusta bean has a higher yield per volume, which makes it easier for farmers to increase their income.

You can find the beans in Whole Foods or online. For more information, go to