Kathryn Garcia went onto Eric Adams's home turf on Tuesday morning, campaigning in the shadow of Brooklyn Borough Hall. 

"Borough Hall is for all Brooklynites,” Garcia told us. “That is why I am here." She noted her doctor was just down the street. So is her dentist.

Garcia is a Brooklyn resident, and she was clearly winning over some of the borough’s voters. Someone yelled out an Uber at the candidate, another voter in the Garcia corner.

What You Need To Know

  • Garcia campaigned outside of Brookyln Borough Hall on Tuesday

  • The former santiation commissioner has been gaining momentum in the polls

  • Meanwhile, an Adams surrogate was emphasizing Garcia was "not a Latina"

Even the gardener at Borough Hall said she was voting for her. 

“I really appreciate it," Garcia told her.

Garcia is seeing some movement on the trail; She is rising in the polls. She campaigned in Brooklyn and on the Upper East Side on Tuesday, and hosted a round-table discussion on foster care at her Brooklyn office.

It's a personal issue for Garcia. She was adopted as a baby and one of her siblings spent time in the foster care system.

It comes a day after one Adams supporter and councilman went out of his way to say Garcia is not a Latina.

"Remember, Kathryn Garcia, who is not Latina, who is not Latina, no es una Latina," Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez said on Monday while at an Adams rally.

Garcia is white, but kept her ex-husband's last name, who is Puerto Rican.

She was asked about the comments several times on Tuesday.

"I am not going to speak to what he was up to,” Garcia said. “You know, I have been Kathryn Garcia for 26 years. I’m super proud of my two half-Puerto Rican children. I make a mean cojito, but I am still working on my pernil."

In recent polls, Garcia has seen support from white voters, but also Latino voters as well. Adams downplayed his surrogate's comments while rallying with Mexican-American supporters on Tuesday.

"I am not focused on ethnicity, the gender, where a person was born, where they live, I am not focused on that. I am focused on Eric Adams, not being distracted,” Adams said. “He spoke as Ydanis Rodriguez, the council person. Those are not my words."