Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams received a helping hand Wednesday from a former Democratic nominee for mayor. Fernando Ferrer, who in 2005 lost the mayoral general election to Michael Bloomberg, endorsed Adams on the campaign trail in the Bronx.

What You Need To Know

  • Fernando Ferrer lost his mayoral bid to Michael Bloomberg in 2005

  • Ferrer was the first Latino with a real shot at becoming mayor

  • Ferrer was Bronx Borough President for 14 years; recently, he served as acting chairman of the MTA

“He started a trail that I’m going to finish,” Adams said. “That victory that was snatched from his grasp is going to be completed on this journey,” he added.

Recently, Ferrer served as acting chair of the MTA. He hasn’t held elected office in twenty years. And the 2005 mayoral race was his last campaign. 

Regardless, Adams feels this endorsement will be very helpful. 

“When I move to the Bronx and I talk to people, here’s what they ask me: ‘where is Freddy Ferrer with you?’ And that is why I knew the importance of how he resonates not only in the Bronx but throughout the city,” Adams said.

New York has never had a Hispanic mayor. That’s why Ferrer’s run in 2005 was historic, as the first Latino with a real shot at reaching that milestone.

This year, there’s one Latina in the top tier of Democratic candidates: non-profit executive Dianne Morales. 

So I asked the former candidate why he hadn't endorsed her instead. 

“I never answer questions like that and especially once I’ve endorsed a friend of mine for 25 years, but more important, a distinguished public servant for even more than that,” Ferrer said.

Despite the fact that rival Scott Stringer got the endorsement of the Working Families Party, Adams keeps claiming he is the real progressive in this race.