When it comes to education funding, programs involving the arts are often the first on the chopping block. That’s why this “News All Day” guest on “Women Wednesday” is so important.

Anne Fitzgibbon is the founder and executive director of Harmony Program, which introduces kids to music, helping them reach their full potential. The organization brings instruments and teachers to schools and community centers for free.

Fitzgibbon says that music is one of the best tools to help young people achieve long-term success, including focus, discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence. Data shows that kids also see improvements in test scores and with their mental health.

This year the program will serve over 1,000 students citywide. Fitzgibbon says, “the goal is to make sure every child in NYC has the opportunity to learn to play.”

Michelle Puebla, a student in the program, and Veronica Riner, a teacher from the program, also joined “News All Day” to play a part of a beautiful piece by Mozart.

If you want to bring the program to your school or community, you can find more information at HarmonyProgram.org.