Our frontline heroes are working extremely long and exhausting shifts, but they are still finding ways to go above and beyond. New Yorkers contuine to throw there support in giving our frontline heroes free resources. 

Jackie Stewart is an ER registered nurse at NY Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center, who -- along with many of her colleagues -- is reaching out to those who are alone in the hospital. She writes nobody should ever feel alone when they are sick or hospitalized. She and her coworkers are offering to go visit patients before and after their shifts. "I can play music for them, hold their hand, bring them cards with well wishes or facetime their loved ones," said Steward.

Because he knows it’s not just good for our physical health, but also our emotional health, fitness instructor Marcisco Morrison is offering free 30 minute online classes twice a day Monday through Friday and 9 A.M. on Saturdays.

"Some can be stressed, depressed, restless and then people tend to eat more, make more trips to their refrigerator or pantry and that's not good," Marcisco said.

This is not just for his clients in Manhattan and the Bronx, but to everyone. You can find him at fourfitnessjc.com.

Frontline Food Trucks has teamed up with food companies to offer snacks and free coffee to hospital workers. They have served more than 40,000 meals so far at hospitals in Manhattan and Brooklyn and they are looking to expand Check out the hashtag #frontline food trucks.