You see them often enough in New York's waterways, but are enough New Yorkers riding them?

Launched in 2017, the NYC Ferry costs the same as a swipe on the subway, but according to statistics from the economic development corporation which runs the ferry network, the transportation service is used mostly by white, upper-middle class commuters.

"It’s available to people that live near it, I guess if you're not living near it, it doesn't make sense to take another route that's going to be longer so maybe it's based on the areas the ferries are situated," said one ferry passenger.

Mayor de Blasio pushed for the ferry system which will soon connect all five boroughs as a way to service all New Yorkers, particularly the working class.

To date, the system has served over 12 million riders, but the EDC says after surveying more than 5,400 of them in May and June it found 64 percent were white with a median annual income between $75,000 and $100,000. Riders say that falls short of providing service for all.

"I definitely think based on my own ridership which isn't that often, I take it maybe once a week from observation it doesn't appear to be very diverse," said one ferry commuter.

The data does show that the new Soundview route, connecting the Bronx to Lower Manhattan, is more diverse than the rest of the network. According to the EDC, two thirds of those riders are people of color.

The new ferry data paints a picture that runs in stark contrast to what we know about subway ridership. A 2017 study by city Comptroller Scott stringer showing two thirds of all subway riders are people of color.

"If the City is serious about building out a robust ferry system that can succeed then it must be run transparently and efficiently and serve a broad range of New Yorkers. These survey results show that EDC must do more to ensure the ferry system reaches those who need it most," said Comptroller Scott Stringer.

And riders hope the city can find a way to make that happen.

"I think it's a great service, I think that the fact they're keeping the cost down means that regular people can enjoy the waterway, it's a wonderful thing," said another commuter.

The EDC does say its goal is to make ferry service more equitable and continue to connect New Yorkers across the city.