With new healthcare investments, stadium developments, immigration initiatives and more happening in Queens, Borough President Donovan Richards joined “Mornings On 1” Monday to discuss new initiatives taking place across the borough.

Beginning with healthcare investments, Richards noted that $33 million has been invested into clinics and hospitals across the borough during his tenure, with the goal of sending a message that “the days of disinvestment are gone.”

Richards also discussed the city’s plan to build a soccer stadium in Corona, noting that he has been pushing for equity and has been trying to act as a voice for the residents of the neighborhood, who he feels should be given the first employment options.

“The goal is to ensure that one, we create jobs. The stadium is a great project but at the end of the day, we have to make sure those benefits are reaching local communities,” he said.

The conversation concluded with Richards addressing flood mitigation efforts also ongoing in Queens, especially after the borough saw intense flooding after lengthy periods of rain at the end of September.