Despite the rainy weather, fans of some of music’s biggest names gathered at Central Park for a free concert on Saturday.

After hearing only one of the many artists who they had hoped to see at the 11th Annual Global Citizen Festival, Victoria Olmedo and her mother, Martine Caze, of Briarwood, Queens decided it was time to end their weather-related misery and head home before many of the biggest names had taken the stage.

What You Need To Know

  • The festival has a no umbrella policy

  • One vendor admitted to making a lot of money by selling ponchos

  • The initial forecast for the festival was 60,000 people attending

“I’m soaking wet, my clothes, and I can’t,” said Caze. “It’s too much. I gotta go to work and pay their bills, but I love Lauryn Hill and would have loved to stay.”

“I’ve been sick since Monday and it was raining for a long time,” said Olmedo. “Conan came out at 5:30 p.m., 5:20 p.m. He sang his best songs and I was like, ‘I’m satisfied!’” 

Due to the event’s no umbrella policy, many ticketholders were protected only by ponchos as they got soaked while waiting in line to get in.

Intrepid entrepreneur Venecia Stevenson of Chelsea was happy to capitalize by selling them ponchos.

“I’m making a killing today,” said Stevenson. “I’m selling ponchos and raincoats. It’s going fabulous. Everything has been selling. People are wet. It’s nonstop raining!” 

When NY1 met Stevenson, she had already sold 60 ponchos for $15.

In order for fans to secure a ticket to the 11th Annual Global Citizen festival, they had to take actions, such as signing petitions, sharing messages on social media and writing letters to politicians to help support the festival’s mission of end extreme poverty.  

Organizers had forecasted a crowd of about 60,000 people to attend.