There has been a sharp increase in the number of domestic violence calls since the pandemic began. Out of work Broadway Costume makers and more than 50 volunteers have partnered with URI, the largest provider of domestic violence shelter in the city.

They are making hundreds and hundreds of masks for residents and staff members. Social distancing can be difficult. These shelters can house 1,200 people at any given time, in addition to a few hundred staff that all need masks.



The owner of two Upper West Side restaurants, Cibo e Vino at 89th & Broadway and Marlow Bistro at 110th street & Amsterdam are feeding essential workers with their ‘Feed the UWS Donation Program.’



"We also expanded this campaign to help the elderly residents on the Upper West Side. They can just email their contact information at and We hope that we can continue to do this for a longer period of time and hopefully after we open the doors of our businesses,” said Elena Riseovski, manager of Marlow Bistro.

Liox Cleaners is a laundry service founded by two immigrants. They want to help people who can’t get to the laundromat and can’t afford a laundry service. Liox will pick up, wash, fold and return your laundry for the same amount you would spend doing your own wash at the laundromat.




"And please use discount only if you cannot afford the regular services. If you can afford paying our services please pay the regular price so we can offset the loss and still pay our employees,” said Sergey Patrikeev, Co-founder Liox Cleaners.

If we all help each other out we will get through this together.