It may not be for the squeamish but it is definitely for the stylish.

This is Studs, a new piercing studio in Manhattan's Nolita neighborhood that promises to create a whole new you.

"It was really about a service that would help you figure out which piercings were best for your ear anatomy," said Lisa Bubbers, co-founder.

Start-up alums Anna Harman and Lisa Bubbers created Studs. the idea born out of Harman's visit to a tattoo parlor to get a second piercing two years ago.

"While the piercing itself was great, the jewelry wasn't great for me and the environment wasn't great and that's how we started to think about Studs," said Anna Harman, co-founder.

The goal was to appeal to millennials and Gen Z'ers, many of whom grew up getting their ears pierced in malls and might feel out of place at a tattoo parlor or out of money at a premium piercing shop.

"I was looking for something fun and easy and convenient," said Gabriella Larios, a customer.

Visitors are urged to create "ear-scapes,” a term coined by Studs as a way to customize their ear. The cost is $35 dollars for one piercing, $50 for two, plus the earring.

"Presentation norms are really changing, workplace norms are changing and as things change, I think this is a really great way for people to express who they are," said Bubbers.

Those people include models and influencers like Karlie Kloss, Kaia Gerber and more, and everyone's encouraged to share their new look, online.

"You want to share it, you feel brave, you feel excited, you're doing something cool and so it's a really natural moment to create user generated content," said Bubbers.

The atmosphere is fun, but the piercings are all performed with needles and high quality metals, in a sterile room, where safety and style are taken seriously.

So maybe you're not ready for a new hole yet, well Studs still gives you the change to get a 'hole new you,' the store sells fashion jewelry that doesn't require any new piercings.

Those earrings range from $20 to $180.

"You see everyone in Studs from an 8-year-old getting their first piercing to a 65-year-old that's getting her second or third and then our core customer base is really this 18 to 30-year-old, but it's very broad over all,” said Harman.

Appointments are usually booked months in advance.

But the Studs team does have plans to soon expand in the New York area, you heard it here first.