A spectrum of emotions outside the world-famous Bagel Store in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, which took rainbow bagels to new extremes and put confetti cream cheese on the map.

(No more rainbow bagels in Williamsburg. The Bagel Store was shut down this week. thebagelstore/Instagram).

(It had been famous as well for its confetti cream cheese. thebagelstore/Instagram).

"It's just really sad," one person said.

"We kind of all hated on it," said another.

Breakfast — or any meal, really — was so Instagrammable at the spot.

"Every weekend, there are lines, down this street, of people with their bagels, taking photos," one woman said on the street outside the Bagel Store.

Many wanted to try the "unicorny" food because of social media.

"I was really excited to come and see it and try the bagels," one woman said.

But the state Department of Taxation and Finance put the kibosh on that, padlocking the Bagel Store on Wednesday because the owner had not paid nearly $900,000 in back taxes since 2011.

In published reports, the owner said the seizure was a surprise, and said that most of the amount due is interest.


(The Bagel Store in Williamsburg was shut down Wednesday. Vivian Lee/NY1).

It's not the first famous bagel shop "schmeered" by taxes. The iconic H&H Bagels on the Upper West Side closed more than seven years ago after the owner failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in payroll taxes.

Not everyone, however, saw the Bagel Store as H&H's equal. Some said they weren't surprised the business had closed, that its product was too much of a novelty, more fad, than food.

But at least it helped to keep alive the debate over what makes a New York bagel, a New York bagel. Some of the language used was colorful. We couldn't put those comments on TV, but this Williamsburger said good riddance:

"It's one less expensive bagel place in the area," he said, laughing. "I mean, there's going to be a lot less traffic from tourists coming out here."

But some locals swore the Bagel Store put a fantastic twist on a classic.

"It has built it a little bit more up, what a New York bagel could be," one man said.

"We saw a cool little bagel place down the street that was pretty crowded," one woman said.

The owner insists the Bagel Store is not yet toast. He did not return our request for an interview, but he's vowing to reopen. A message on the store's website says fans should stay tuned to, of course, Instagram.