BROOKLYN, N.Y. - People who live in Greenpoint are looking for answers about a lingering petroleum smell in the area.

They raised questions about the odor at a panel of city and state agencies on Wednesday.

The complaints about the smell date back to February.

In one case the odor was so strong, four people were temporarily relocated by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

The DEC says it has found a link between the persistent smells and levels of petroleum found in nearby sewers. 

But the source has yet to be identified -- and people we spoke are worried about their health.

"“I am not sure what the long term or short term risks are but I hope not to find out," said one resident.

“I’m very concerned it has lingered for so long," noted another resident.

“It is concerning in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Greenpoint where so many people have chosen to live and call home that it is not healthy," said a third resident.

The city Health Department says the odor poses no health risk.

Both the DEC and EPA say they are monitoring the situation and regularly taking measurements.