The myth of a monolithic Latino vote has been shattered in recent national and local elections. With a wave of new migrants coming to America from many Spanish-speaking countries, voting patterns are shifting in a community that is complicated and diverse. Recent analysis of the 2022 midterm elections found that first-time Latino voter growth was driven by younger voters, especially in Arizona, Nevada and Florida. What will this all mean for elections in 2024?

On this week’s episode, NY1’s Errol Louis was joined by several experts for a discussion about the upswing in the power of the Latino electorate. First, he talked with Arturo Vargas of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. Then, Louis sat down with two of his colleagues: Karina Kling, host of “Capital Tonight” in Texas, and Alex Cohen, political anchor at Spectrum News 1 in Southern California and the host of “Inside the Issues.” Both discussed how their states have been affected by recent demographic changes. And finally, Eli Valentin, an authority on Latino politics in New York, stopped by to talk about the issues that drive Latino voters to the polls. 

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