Con Edison will work with the University at Albany to add 17 new weather sensors across the five boroughs.

What You Need To Know

  • Con Edison will install 17 new weather sensors at facilities around the city

  • The project is a partnership with the University at Albany

  • The new network will be called the NYC Micronet

  • More readings could help monitor weather conditions that could lead to power outages

Last week it was announced that Con Edison, in partnership with the University at Albany, will add several new sensors at their company properties around the city.

Across the state of New York, a network of weather sensors called the NYS Mesonet already exists. These sensors give forecasters and state offices a view of changing weather conditions at a much higher resolution.

This new network will be called the NYC Micronet, which is essentially an extension of the NYS Mesonet.  

The installation of these sensors began this month and is expected to be completed by the end of October. 

With our changing climate and the expectation of more weather extremes, this new network will give Con Edison and meteorologists around the region a better look at temperature and wind measurements that can impact New Yorkers, including potential power outages.