Relief is on the way for subway riders — 24 bathrooms will be reopened at 12 stations this May with renovations.

“We’ve made improvements in these bathrooms in the last couple of months. New motion activated, faucets, new fixtures. We painted,” Richard Davey, president of NYC Transit, said. “We did tile grouting, new signs and deep cleaning to make sure that these are comfortable amenities for our customers.”

What You Need To Know

  • The MTA is reopening 24 bathrooms in 12 stations

  • This is the second batch of station bathrooms to reopen this year

  • The MTA closed bathrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic

Subway station bathrooms were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before the pandemic, these restrooms had a bad reputation for being filthy and dilapidated.

The MTA is now refurbishing them. Earlier this year, bathrooms at nine stations were reopened.

“A number of the bathrooms are in just bad shape,” Davey said. “And so we do not want to open up facilities that are otherwise discouraging our customers from using them, so we have some work to do.”

The transit chief said the MTA is able to reopen more bathrooms because the agency is hiring more station cleaners — now, about 50 a month.

“I’m in the subway and I be praying to God that the bathroom is open,” subway rider Beverly Taylor said.

Taylor said she hopes the subway bathrooms look as good as the one at Fulton Center, which is maintained by a private company.

“Just the other day, I went into this restroom right here and it was nicely done. The floor was clean,” Taylor said.

The station bathrooms will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. and closed between noon and 1 p.m. for cleaning. By May, almost a third of the existing subway bathrooms will open for business.

The stations getting their bathrooms reopened are below:

  • Norwood - 205 St, D
  • Woodlawn - 4
  • 168 St - A/C
  • 72 St - Q
  • Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall, 4/5/6
  • 57 St - 7 Av, N/Q/R
  • Atlantic Av - Barclays Center, D/N/R
  • 36 St - D/N/R
  • Coney Island - Stillwell Av D/F/N/Q
  • Euclid Av - A/C
  • Flushing - Main St - 7  
  • Queensboro Plaza - 7/N/W