The timeline to build a new ferry terminal at Hunters Point South Park in Long Island City has been pushed back after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers agreed to extend the deadline for public input.

The deadline that was originally set for Nov. 18 will now be Dec. 5.

EDC officials on Friday changed the date after community members and elected officials said there hasn’t been adequate opportunity for the public to provide feedback on the project.

“Our primary concern with this is that no actual community outreach was done prior to getting to the point where they're filing for government approvals to build,” said Jessica Sechrist, the executive director at the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy.

The New York City Economic Development Corporation, which runs the ferry system, filed plans in October to build a new terminal in the park, about 150 feet north of the existing ferry landing, which would be demolished if the plan is approved.

The city has authorized $12.2 million in capital funding for the project, according to the EDC.

Councilmember Julie Won, who represents the area, sent letters to the EDC and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is building the new terminal, requesting that they extend the public input period until the end of December. 

“It has become clear to me from speaking to the community, they at large are opposed to the current proposal, and there has not been a public hearing process,” Won said. 

“Our team has definitely reached out and had conversations with the community board’s Transportation Committee, with the councilmember's office — we actually just spoke with her office the other day — and continue to do that,” said James Wong, the executive director at NYC Ferry. “We are really just in the middle of our engagement process.”

The Hunters Point South landing is the oldest in the ferry system and is reaching the end of its useful life, according to the EDC. 

It’s also smaller than other ferry landings across the system, as it only accommodates one vessel at a time, as opposed to two.

The new terminal would include two slips at a floating barge about 100 feet from the boardwalk.

“With all of our system, we look to build redundancy to build a reliable system so that people can rely on NYC ferry,” Wong said.

The existing ferry terminal at Hunters Point South could not be expanded because of train and car tunnels underground, Wong said.

Opponents of the plan argue that the terminal is at a location that is popular for people to gather to take in unobstructed Manhattan skyline views. Children and students, meanwhile, make use of the artificial turf area.  

“We think that making a decision to place a ferry in a position that is going to have a negative impact on people who use the park from throughout Queens is just not appropriate, especially when it's being done without community input,” Sechrist said.

The Hunters Point South ferry stop has the seventh-highest ridership in the system, with 40% weekday ridership growth and 25% weekend ridership growth in 2022, according to the EDC.

Community Board 2 will hold a meeting on Dec. 1 where the EDC will present the details of the plan to the public.

Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, EDC officials said.

Won’s office said they are still pushing to further extend the input deadline.