Awards season is still a long ways away, but that is not stopping some transit advocates from giving out their annual Pokey and Schleppie awards for bad bus service in the city.

The Straphangers Campaign and TransitCenter announced one so-called "winner" for each award, and also identified the slowest, and least reliable, bus route in each borough. 

The "Pokey" award for slowest local bus route went to the M14A in Manhattan, which averaged a speed of 4.3 mph. The slowest bus routes in each borough were the M14A in Manhattan, the Bx19 in the Bronx, the B35 in Brooklyn, the Q54 in Queens and the S48 on Staten Island.




The advocates also unveiled the 2019 "Schleppie" award winner for the least reliable bus route, which is determined by the route with the most "bunching" - which occurs when two or more buses show up at a stop at the same time. This year's Schleppie award winner was the B15, which saw "bunching" occur on 20 percent of routes. The least reliable routes in each borough, according to the advocates, were the B15 in Brooklyn, the Bx3 in the Bronx, the M11 in Manhattan, the Q24 in Queens and the S78 on Staten Island.




While the names of the awards are comical, advocates say the impact is no joking matter.

"Poor-performing buses are an inconvenience to riders, but at worst, they can lead to hours-long commutes, they can lead to missed doctors appointments, delayed chld care pickups and lost wages," said Jaqi Cohen, director of Straphangers Campaign.

The MTA's new Select Bus Service is intended to speed up bus service around the city. A Select Bus Service route was recently added to the M14 line.