Transit advocates are calling attention to failing subway elevators, operated by private real estate companies.

One of those stations is the Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center station, where the Barclays Center is required to maintain the station, and the elevator.

But a new report says the station has the worst maintenance record of all 45 privately controlled subway stations -- and that it's out of service 50 percent of the time.

TransitCenter is demanding NYC Transit hold private operators responsible for failing elevators by issuing fines each day they are out of service.

"We have pretty much a guaranteed chance every week to have two or more trips denied because of the elevator not working,” said TransitCenter Program Director Chris Pangilinan. “That means I'm not making it to work. That means folks that work here at the Barclays Center, or that want to go see a game, they're not able to rely on this elevator and make their jobs on time. And really, that's just adding more to the cycle of poverty and making it more difficult for us to live our lives."

Barclays Center tells us they are aware of the operational issues with the elevator.

They say a major setback is that the elevator's manufacturer has gone out of business, forcing Barclays Center to find a new company to overhaul the elevator's parts and maintenance.