The MTA has announced additional service on several lines in an effort to try to get ahead of next year's planned shutdown of the L train tunnel.

Two hundred and twenty-five thousand people use the L train each weekday to get between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Experts predict 80 percent of them will use other subway lines during the closure.

The G line will get the most increased capacity, with 66 additional weekday round trips, followed by the M line with 62.

The A, E, F, J, Z, and 7 trains will get about 20 extra weekday round trips each.

"It'll be about doubling my commute, and I imagine J and Z will still be pretty crowded, but I'm happy the city is making some kind of effort for those who rely on the L," said one commuter.

"That's pretty fantastic," said another. "Well, I don't know if that's going to help per se, but the G train is already pretty consistent, so adding 60 more is going to be pretty good."

Much of the L train will shut down in April for 15 months so repairs can be made to the Canarsie Tunnel under the East River which was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

There will be no L train between Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg and 8th Avenue in Manhattan while the rest of the L will run with lower capacity.