New Jersey Transit lines in and out of Penn Station were delayed Thursday night because of a minor train derailment, according to the transit agency, leading to large crowds at the busy commuter hub that stranded some commuters for hours.

"We started to feel, like, shaking," Racquel Gobern said after she got off the train. "It felt like a little toy train that was about to jump a track."


New Jersey Transit said one car of the train derailed just before entering the Hudson River Tunnel around 6:20 p.m.

No injuries were reported. About 1,000 riders, including the crew, were on the train.

As of this writing, authorities have not confirmed the cause.

Gobern said she knew, just minutes into her ride after the train pulled out of Penn Station, that something was wrong. She said it felt like the train hit something on its right side before a call came to stop the train.

Some passengers recalled officials starting evacuating riders, leading to commuters being stranded for about two hours.


As of about 9:50 p.m., commuters were advised to expect one-hour delays on trains in and out of the station, although congestion at the station has eased over the past few hours.


New Jersey Transit buses, as well as private carrier buses, are cross-honoring New Jersey Transit rail tickets and passes.

Midtown Direct Line trains are being diverted to Hoboken Terminal through the rest of the night of service, New Jersey Transit officials said.

PATH trains are also cross-honoring rail tickets and passes at 33rd Street station, Hoboken, and Newark Penn Station.

The delays have led to massive crowds of commuters stuck at Penn Station at the tail-end of the evening rush, and plenty of frustration: