The city laid out the final rules for its permanent outdoor dining program last week.

If a restaurant wants to take over the curb lane for “roadway” dining, a setup with a canopy and screen will be permitted, but the structure cannot be fully enclosed. 

The restaurant will also have to remove the outdoor dining setup each winter. Tables set up on the sidewalk, however, will be allowed year-round.

The city also provided clearer instructions about preserving walkway clearances and access to fire hydrants and subway entrances. Barriers will have to be movable.

NY1 asked followers on social media: “Should New York City eliminate outdoor dining sheds?” 

Here are the results of the unofficial poll.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, 38% voted “yes” and 62% voted “no.” On Instagram, 69% voted “yes” and 31% voted “no.”

Matthew Clarke, executive director of the Design Trust for Public Space, and Leslie Clark, of CUEUP, joined “The Rush Hour” on Thursday to weigh in on how “New York is Talking” about outdoor dining.

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