A four-story building in Chinatown that houses a dim sum restaurant caught fire late Saturday into early Sunday morning, the FDNY said.

The first responders arrived at Dim Sum Palace at 11:45 p.m. and it ultimately took 170 firefighters to get the fire under control by 6 a.m. The fire escalated to a 5th alarm. Five firefighters sustained minor injuries.

No injuries to residents, workers, or customers were reported.

The cause remains under investigation, but officials said it originated on the first floor.

FDNY Assistant Chief Tom Currao said firefighters started fighting the blaze from the inside, but were forced to move outside due to a “tremendous amount of fire throughout the building.”

“In a lot of these older buildings, there’s a lot of concealed spaces that fire can travel,” Currao said. “It can be very, very difficult to open up and extinguish.”

Red Cross was on the ground Sunday morning, helping relocate residents, Currao added.

The fire comes just two weeks after another Chinatown blaze killed​ a 91-year-old mother and her 52-year-old son.