Overall crime in New York City was up 38.5% last month compared with January 2021, NYPD numbers show.

According to the NYPD, increases in crime were seen nearly across the board.

  • Shooting incidents rose 31.6%, from 76 in January 2021 to 100 last month.
  • Transit crime incidents rose 75.2%, from 113 to 198.
  • Rape rose 26.7%, from 101 in January 2021 to 128 last month.
  • Robbery rose 33.1%, from 940 to 1,251; felony assault rose 12.3%, from 1,546 to 1,736.
  • Burglary rose 7.5%, from 1,106 to 1,189.
  • Grand larceny rose 58.5%, from 2,559 to 4,047.
  • Grand larceny – auto rose 91.5% from 620 to 1,187.

Hate crime incidents also rose 72 percent, from 18 to 31, police say. Nearly half (15) of those were antisemitic crimes, according to the NYPD – nearly triple the number of antisemitic crimes (4) in January 2021.

The only index crime that decreased was murder. There were five fewer murders in January 2022 than January 2021 (from 33 to 28, a decrease of 15.2%).

The statistics were released on the same day President Joe Biden visited the city to discuss his administration’s efforts to combat crime and gun violence.

Biden participated in a meeting of New York City’s Gun Violence Strategic Partnership, which involves law enforcement agencies coming together to share intelligence. A fact sheet provided by the White House described the group as “one model of the strategies” the Department of Justice hopes to replicate.