In New York City’s most competitive race for Congress this November, the momentum remains with Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis.

The incumbent, like other Republican candidates, is focused on crime.

“We’re right on the issues,” she told NY1 on Friday. “When it comes to public safety, when it comes to economy and stemming the tide of illegal immigration and cracking down on this rise in inflation.”

Democratic challenger, former Rep. Max Rose, said Malliotakis voted against gun safety measures that would have driven down gun crimes and he also voiced concerns about public safety overall.

“We’ve got to roll back these disastrous bail laws that have led to a cycle of criminality and recidivism for some low-level crimes, all the way moving up to some violent crimes,” he told NY1.

Rose, the former congressman, said he sees enthusiasm from voters on Staten Island and in parts of southern Brooklyn.

The rivals have about the same amount of campaign cash on hand, according to their latest filings.