On Thursday, the Queens borough president was talking about economic development.

But two nights before, Donovan Richards was dramatically slamming his rival on twitter.

In a series of tweets around 9 p.m. Tuesday, Richards went after his opponent Elizabeth Crowley. He first said she told him she would win because the Black Lives Matter movement would die. He then goes on to call her racist. He follows up with the charge of, she couldn’t force him to make her a deputy borough president.


The two are locked in a tight race for Queens borough president, a rematch from the same contest a year before.

Currently, Richards is a little more than 1,000 votes ahead. But the margin is small, and is close to triggering a manual recount.

Crowley has not conceded and, as of now, doesn't plan to until her campaign gets a look at the final numbers. So the battle continues.

After the fallout, Richards released a statement Wednesday about his tweets, going further. In part, it says, “Since our victory in the June 2020 Democratic primary, Ms. Crowley has repeatedly insinuated that she would have won if not for the death of George Floyd and the ensuing Black Lives Matter movement across our country. She later attempted to bully me into giving her a job within our administration with veiled threats of a divisive and dirty campaign if I did not. She clearly followed through on that threat, using the politics of fear throughout this race with mailers disguised as eviction notices and racist dog whistles within her messages on public safety.”

One of her campaign mailings does, in fact, look like an eviction notice. Another one claims she is the only candidate who didn’t want to defund the police.

Crowley responded with her own statement last night, saying, in part, "I’m extremely disappointed by the slanderous and untruthful remarks made by one of my opponents… I’ve always believed that leadership is about taking the high road and representing the people, not Trump-like bullying on Twitter and making unfounded accusations based on no evidence whatsoever.”

Neither candidate would talk to us on camera for this story.