He is not running for president just yet, but it's something former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking very seriously.

"That is a very easy thing to say yes, given who the Republican candidate is going to be," Bloomberg said Tuesday in Arkansas. "I couldn't be more clear: I do not think that Donald Trump should get elected."

The country got more evidence Friday: Bloomberg is planning to spend $100 million on new digital ads in key battleground states.

Bloomberg is targeting states that Trump narrowly won in 2016: Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. All of them are swing states yet again.

It's a key move meant to combat the serious cash the president's campaign is already spending online.

The Bloomberg team did not release the ads Friday, but the former mayor is not expected to personally appear in them. They will be anti-Trump.

A Bloomberg advisor told NY1 that the money will be spent through the primary. When asked how much the mayor is willing to spend, the advisor said Bloomberg is committed to beating Donald Trump.

Bloomberg has not officially thrown his hat into the ring. He officially filed to get on the ballot in Alabama last week and Arkansas earlier this week, personally visiting Little Rock.

But the billionaire businessman did not file in New Hampshire. That deadline was Friday.

He could skip the nation's first four primary contests, instead focusing on Super Tuesday.

So far, his possible candidacy has not impressed some of the leading Democrats in the race:

"I believe that what our election should be about is grassroots, how you build something all across New Hampshire, all across the country," Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said in New Hampshire on Thursday. "We shouldn't really have elections that are about billionaires calling all the shots, whether they are reaching in their pockets to fund their own elections or counting on whether they're counting on getting other people to run."

A new national poll found 3 percent of Democrats and independents would pick Bloomberg, and it appears if he were to enter the race he would take away support from former Vice President Joe Biden.


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