We’re officially in a real-life scary movie today as a deadly virus has found its way to New York City while the nation’s political elite is in full Bickersons mode.

It’s less of a statement about the power of Michael Bloomberg than the weakness of Donald Trump when the former mayor purchases three minutes of prime-time TV last night and almost sounds like Jonas Salk compared to Vice President Mike Pence – at least when it comes to Coronavirus.

Diseases aren’t political so it didn’t make sense for the president to name his running mate as his Coronavirus point man. Americans crave someone who’s off the ideological spectrum when going to the doctor’s office -- not someone who’s calling the Coronavirus fear a “hoax” that’s being drummed up by Democrats.

Remember those scary few hours on 9/11 when it felt like no one was in charge? That’s sort of what it’s felt like for days as Americans are hearing about new Coronavirus cases in new places every day.

No one can blame the White House for the spread of the disease but the almost anti-vax vibe that emanated from the president at a rally on Friday night was downright disturbing.

With the stock market plunging and people stockpiling food and hand sanitizers, the first step would be for the president to admit there’s a problem.

If he doesn’t, we’ve got ourselves an even bigger one.

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