Republicans in the state Senate and Assembly Wednesday urged Gov. Kathy Hochul to allow for ample time to review any finalized state budget agreement and not rush the process when a deal is finally struck. 

"There's a lot in there," said state Sen. Tom O'Mara. "There will be a lot in there. There's a lot unknown."

The Republicans called on Hochul to not issue what's known as a "message of necessity" which waives the three-day time period for bills to be introduced and then voted on. Lawmakers hope that in the interregnum, New Yorkers can see for themselves what's in a final agreement. 

"We're willing to wait the three extra days to give us the ability to review the bills, but more importantly give our constituents and the citizens of New York state the ability to review these bills and give us some input on whether its a thumbs up or thumbs down on this budget," O'Mara said. 

Hochul this week indicated she's hopeful a budget deal can be reached this week. But lawmakers on Wednesday were increasingly pessimistic that would not be case as Hochul and top Democrats in the state Senate and Assembly negotiate still-unresolved provisions such as addressing illegal cannabis sales in New York. 

New York's budget was originally due to pass by April 1, the start of the state's fiscal year. State spending has continued over the last month with temporary stopgap measures that keep state workers paid and the government funded. 

The budget is expected to address a range of issues, from public safety, mass transit funding and health care. 

"All 213 members of the Assembly and Senate deserve the requisite three days to review $230 billion in state spending," said Assemblyman Josh Jensen. "How can we ensure we're doing our sworn duty to represent the people we're elected to represent?"