Firefighters battled a fire that damaged a supermarket and other surrounding buildings in Bushwick Wednesday evening, the FDNY said.

FDNY officials said it broke out at the corner of Bushwick Avenue and Cooper Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn, around 6:30 p.m.

The FDNY said the fire spread from the supermarket to four residential buildings. More than 250 firefighters arrived on scene, the FDNY said.

Fire officials classified it as a five-alarm fire, but FDNY Assistant Chief Tom Currao said the fire was actually the equivalent of a seven- or eight-alarm.

"It's one of the challenges in wood-frame construction," Currao said. "Especially in a lot of these occupancies, we have have a lot of, the way they're built, a lot of concealed spaces. It takes a long time to open them up, really get at the fire and get it under control."

The Red Cross is on scene assisting with 30 residents in the affected buildings.

Six firefighters and one resident were treated for minor injuries and smoke inhalation, according to the FDNY.