Members of the NYPD are being told to avoid idling in groups and speaking with other officers while on duty, according to an internal memo obtained by NY1.

The memo outlined immediate changes to the patrol guide, including a new rule that officers should not "congregate or engage in unnecessary conversation with other members of the service while on post” unless absolutely necessary.

Supervisors are being asked to make sure officers follow the new order.

In April, Mayor Eric Adams said he was disappointed to see uniformed officers using their cell phones while on duty in subway stations.

Police advocates were quick to chastise the mayor for his comments at the time.

The Police Benevolent Association criticized the new changes shortly after they were widely circulated.

“The order is unnecessary,” Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association, said in a statement Wednesday. “Pretty soon there won’t be enough cops left to congregate anywhere in the city because these miserable working conditions and the low pay are forcing them to quit in droves.”