NEW YORK — Suraj Patel, who has unsuccessfully run twice against Rep. Carolyn Maloney, will challenge her again this year, NY1 has learned.

What You Need To Know

  • Suraj Patel is running against Rep. Carolyn Maloney, House Democrat leader, for the third time

  • Newly drawn 12th District lines include more of Manhattan and appear to favor Maloney

  • The primary also includes Rana Abdelhamid, Maya Contreras and several other Democrats

  • Candidates spoke with NY1 about how redistricting impacts their campaigns

The Democratic lawyer and businessman enters a primary that already includes multiple challengers. 

Patel lost to Maloney by less than four points in 2020.

The redistricting process did appear to favor Maloney, whose base includes the wealthier, more politically moderate parts of Manhattan.

The 12th Congressional District now includes more of Manhattan – including the Upper West Side – and less of Brooklyn and Queens, including parts of Williamsburg and Astoria.

“It was drawn to reflect communities of interest,” Maloney told NY1. “Queensbridge is in it as well as other items. They moved me a little bit more to the West Side. So, we’ll see. Still the lines aren’t set yet. They’re still debated before the courts.”

But Patel argued the new boundaries create an opening for him, especially among the supporters of liberal Rep. Jerry Nadler now drawn out of his district.

“In almost every single, positional way, Jerry Nadler’s record is closer to mine than that of Carolyn Maloney,” Patel said.

Maloney, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, is working with a formidable campaign war chest.

Other challengers who filed fundraising reports in the race include community organizer Rana Abdelhamid, who is backed by the Justice Democrats.

“I’m running as a New Yorker,” she said. “I’m running with a progressive message. And the truth remains the same. I’m still running against a corporate-backed, entrenched, three-decade-long Democrat.”

Other opponents include activist and artist Maya Contreras, who said: “A lot of the representatives that we have now including Maloney have not worked these regular jobs that most of us had to work our entire lives in order to get by.”

At least three other Democrats are running for Maloney’s seat, including former City Council contender Maud Maron.

Still more may join before petitioning begins next month.

“It’s very easy to talk. It’s very easy to say, ‘I’m going to do this. I’m going to do that.’ But what have they actually done?” Maloney said. “And I have a progressive record of delivering for the city.”

Maloney is seeking a 16th term in Congress.