During her opening remarks at the Cornell Institute of Politics, Gov. Kathy Hochul said she wants New Yorkers to get back to work from their offices, instead of their homes.

What You Need To Know

  • Hochul says workers need to get back into office settings. She said this last year, but then put the brakes on it when omicron surged

  • Her views are on line with those of Mayor Eric Adams

  • Adams says he is open to allowing remote options for workers with special cases
  • The mayor heads to Albany Monday for meetings with legislators

“I really do want everyone back in their offices, just want to say that. We thrive more when everyone comes back in person, but I’ll cut you slack just a little bit longer,” Hochul said.

Hochul was making the same pitch last year, before the omicron surge. But during the months of December and January she stopped asking workers to return, and instead imposed a mask mandate on companies that don’t already have a vaccine requirement.

That mandate has now expired. Hochul’s views on workers are aligned with Mayor Eric Adams, who made the same point Wednesday.

“I really need for all of us to wrap our heads around why we need the people back to work,” Adams said.

Adams testified Wednesday before members of the legislature. He was asked about pending legislation that would allow city workers to have a remote option. He said he could accept allowances for special circumstances. 

“I am very concerned about those who are immune compromised,” Adams said. “And I think there are ways that we can address them because they are a small number of people, and we should be compassionate around that.”

Adams is expected to make his first trip to Albany as mayor on Monday. He has scheduled a meeting with the legislature's leaders and members of the both the state Senate and Assembly.