NEW YORK — Heavy hearts filled Midtown again Tuesday. People from all over the country came to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral to pay their respects to fallen Officer Wilbert Mora. 

“It was just heavy, very heavy,” said Ginell Fred of Jersey City. 

What You Need To Know

  • Officer Mora received a hero’s escort from the funeral home in Inwood to St. Patrick’s Cathedral Tuesday morning

  • The 27-year-old was the second officer shot and killed while responding to a domestic dispute call in Harlem

  • Mora is being remembered as a hero in life and in death; five of his organs were donated to save the lives of five patients in need of a lifesaving transplant
  • His funeral is at St. Patrick’s Cathedral Wednesday at 10 a.m.

“And I just felt moved to come and say a prayer for the two officers that gave their life for us,” added a mourner who didn’t want to be named. 

Twenty-seven-year-old Mora received a hero’s escort as officer filled the streets of New York Tuesday. 

Mora was the second officer shot and killed responding to a domestic dispute call in Harlem two weeks ago. 

“It was very sad, you know, a young police officer and losing his life in a senseless way,” said Fred. 

NY1 spoke with a woman whose son is a sergeant in the 32 Precinct, where Mora and Rivera worked. 

She didn’t want to be named, but says she came out Tuesday to support her son, his police family, and her own family. 

“It hit home, big time, to say the least,” she said. “I can’t even tell you how I was feeling, you see it in my eyes.”

Many others who came out didn’t know Mora personally, but say they feel connected to him and family. 

“When I see these guys, I saw my cousins that are police officers around the same age, so I came out to show my respects to him and the family and the NYPD, of course,” Fred said. 

Mora will be remembered as a hero not only in life, but also in death. 

He was an organ donor, and last week, five of his organs helped saved the lives of five patients in need of a lifesaving transplant.

It’s a blessing through all the sadness, and after attending the wake, one New Yorker says, perhaps, it’s not the only one. 

“It was very moving and shows how Americans can all stick together and how we have to focus on the good in all of us instead of what divides us,” she said. 

Coming together for a final salute, to an officer gone but never forgotten. 

“Thank you for protecting us, we understand it’s a very hard job and they are heroes,” Fred said.

Mora's funeral will take place at 10 a.m. Friday at the cathedral.

Mayor Eric Adams and Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell are among those expected to deliver eulogies.

The 27-year-old Mora died last Tuesday after he was shot in Harlem on Jan. 21.