Ending an ethical controversy, Mayor Eric Adams' brother Bernard will not collect a six-figure salary to oversee the mayor’s security detail and instead will be paid $1 a year as a senior adviser.

The city's Conflicts of Interest Board (COIB) issued a decision on Wednesday, weeks after Mayor Adams said he intended to hire his brother as head of his security detail -- an elite position within law enforcement  -- which would have earned Bernard Adams an annual taxpayer-funded salary of $210,000 dollars. 

“Bernard Adams is uniquely qualified for this job, and in order to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, he offered to serve for the nominal salary of $1," Maxwell Young, director of communications to Mayor Adams told NY1 in a statement. "We made this proposal to the Conflicts of Interest Board and they’ve agreed, and we’re grateful to Bernard for being willing to serve the city for no salary.”

COIB's decision is outlined in a letter to the mayor's office and was first reported by Gothamist-WNYC. A copy of the decision was obtained by NY1 through a Freedom of Information Law request. 

The mayor's proposal to COIB that Bernard Adams earn $1 dollar a year comes weeks after the Mayor faced intense scrutiny for a decision that appeared to be in direct violation of the city's nepotism rules which prohibits public employees from securing positions that result in financial gain for any members of their family. 

Because of the rules, the Adams administration sought a waiver from COIB, but the document released Thursday confirms that instead of seeking an exemption from the rule, the Adams administration proposed to significantly lower Bernard Adams' compensation instead. 

Despite the criticism, Adams argued that his brother, a former NYPD sergeant was "uniquely qualified" to lead his mayoral security team which guards the mayor around the clock. 

As a retired member of the NYPD, Bernard Adams will be able to collect his NYPD pension and health care benefits, according to City Hall officials. In addition, Bernard Adams will provide "guidance and advice" on issues related to mayoral security and community engagement. 

The mayor's security detail will continue to be overseen by the NYPD.