NEW YORK — Transit officials say the MTA's OMNY tap-and-go fare system is millions of dollars over budget and 15 months behind schedule.

The price tag has ballooned from $591 million to $772 million.

Vending machines and single-ride tickets won't start being installed until September, eight months behind schedule.

The MTA blames the delay on issues like the pandemic and issues with OMNY's contractor.

"Since the award of the contract in December 2017, the original OMNY delivery schedule has been a challenge. It was overly aggressive from the very beginning with no space to address unforeseen needs or circumstances created a high degree of risk to the delivery schedule," said MTA Fare Payment Programs Acting Lead Amy Linden. 

Under the updated schedule OMNY installation across the subways and buses will wrap up in early 2024.

The rollout for Long Island Rail Rail Road and Metro-North is set for completion six months after that.