If you take a stroll through Central Park, you will likely see staff and volunteers from the Central Park Conservancy hard at work sprucing up the 843 acre urban oasis in Manhattan. 

Volunteer Ed Miller has been a gardener's helper and greeter for 10 years. He said it has added much to his life. 

“I like the fresh air and the green, it just makes me feel like I'm away from the city,” said Miller. 

What You Need To Know

  • "The Park Needs Us" is a new initiative from the Central Park Conservancy

  • The Conservancy has been taking care of the 843 acre park for more than four decades

  • Celebrities like Josh Gad, Whoopi Goldberg, Hank Azaria and Kristen Bell have leant their voices to the campaign
  • The effort asks New Yorkers to get involved in taking care of the park

The world famous park has been an escape for New Yorkers during the pandemic who use it for everything from workouts to weddings, birthday parties to picnic brunches. With all that use comes the challenge of maintaining it and keeping it beautiful for the Conservancy, the organization that has been caring for the park for more than 40 years.

A new campaign called "The Park Needs Us" features the voices of celebrities like Hank Azaria, Patricia Clarkson, Josh Gad, Whoopi Goldberg and Kristen Bell, bringing popular park locations like The Great Lawn and Bow Bridge to life. 

Conservancy President and CEO Betsy Smith said the new initiative aims to try and get New Yorkers involved in caring for the park.

"We love having you here, but we also need you to help us take care of the park, so give us a hand, take care of your dogs, take care of your trash, volunteer, become a member, participate in caring for the park,” said Smith. 

There are also social media posts featuring park residents like squirrels and the Barred Owl that attracted birdwatchers galore when it arrived last year. Betsy Smith said they were glad to host so many New Yorkers looking for open space, but can use a hand to make sure the place stays looking great. 

"Massive use is a massive responsibility for us, but we have our standards and we really are trying to keep the park looking beautiful for everybody,” said Smith. 

If you would like to hear from a favorite part of Central Park, you can request it on social media with the hash tag #TheParkNeedsUs or here.