NEW YORK - President-elect Joe Biden plans to nominate the city's Emergency Management Commissioner to be the next head of FEMA. 

Deanne Criswell has been the head of the Emergency Management since 2019 and has been leading the coordination of the city's emergency response to the pandemic.

She also oversees the City's efforts to plan and prepare for emergencies.

Before working for the city, Criswell worked at FEMA from 2011 to 2017.

In addition to Criswell, Biden announced nominees for a number of key administration positions.

“These dedicated and distinguished leaders will bring the highest level of experience, integrity, and knowledge to bear on behalf of the American people. Each of them brings a deep respect for the civil servants who keep our republic running, as well as a keen understanding of how the government can and should work for all Americans. I am confident that they will hit the ground running on day one with determination and bold thinking to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives,” President-elect Joe Biden said in a statement.