NEW YORK - The new Brothers Guitar Shop on East 84th Street in Yorkville is named appropriately. The haven for musicians was created by brothers Shawn and Frank Gorelik, originally in the back of the hardware store they own about three blocks away. 

The business of repairing and setting up guitars got a little too busy for that space.

What You Need To Know

  • Brothers Guitar Shop started out of the back of the Gorelick Family Hardware Store on the Upper East Side in 2017

  • The business now has its own location on East 84th Street in Yorkville

  • The shop sells new and used guitars, does repairs and set-up on the instruments
  • The Goreliks were inspired when they hired an employee for their Hardware Store who also happened to be an experienced guitar tech

"We were stepping over guitars over there, you know, we started hanging guitars from the ceilings,” said Frank Gorelik, who added that they eventually decided to add a whole new storefront location for guitars. 

The shop opened in November, inspired by the hiring of longtime guitar tech Joey Rodriguez. He applied for a job at the Brother’s Hardware Store, but soon suggested he could put his knowledge of six strings to good use. 

The Goreliks, who both play guitar, realized that not only could Rodriguez fix their instruments, but other musicians, too. 

"Actually, when it happened it was kind of like, ‘Wow, are these guys serious?” said Rodriguez, who added, “We talked about it, and here we are."

Brothers sells new and used guitars and offers lessons in a neighborhood with plenty of musicians, but no place really for them to go locally to get gear. The Goreliks say, though, that Brothers is about more than just sales. 

"It’s about spreading music to the community and spreading arts to the next generation,” said Shawn Gorelik. 

The brothers admit it was a leap of faith to open a new business when so many others are struggling, but they felt strongly that this could work and fill a hole in the neighborhood.

"Anyone that knew us, they already knew that we were nuts,” said Frank Gorelick, noting that for close friends it was no surprise they were willing to take a gamble. “We are here, and we are here to stay,” said Gorelik.