The weekend's hot weather carried over into Monday.

Temperatures on Monday peaked in the low- to mid-90s, while the heat index was in the upper-90s, occasionally brushing up againt 100 degrees. 

Temperatures will reach the 90s again on Tuesday, making this an official heat wave, our second of the year. 

It’s no wonder then that the National Climate Assessment has declared New York City “sub-tropical.” And that has New Yorkers — a lot of New Yorkers —  heading for the public pools to cool off.

One swimmer waiting to take a dip told NY1’s Angi Gonzalez it’s not surprising the lines to get into the Fisher Pool in East Elmhurst snaked around the block.

“Normally, it’s not this long,” she said, “but it’s really hot today, so it explains why the line is long.  And there’s a lot of people already in there.”

The coronavirus pandemic closed all of the city’s pools, and they’re only now, slowly, beginning to open. The Parks Department has opened two pools in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island and one each in the Bronx and Manhattan.

The Fisher Pool had increased security in the form of Parks Department officials and NYPD officers, but wannabe-sunbathers were waiting patiently, saying they were just hoping to get a little swim time in before the pool’s 7 P.M. closing time.

This is likely to be the second heat wave of the year. A heat wave is defined by three days in a row at 90 degrees or above.

How to Beat the Heat

Officials are reminding people to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and take it easy outdoors. 

For relief, fountains and sprinklers are open in parks, some pools have reopened in limited capacity, and lifeguards are on duty at city beaches.

There have been 11 days so far this month with temperatures climbing into the 90s. 

“It is really very hot, and I couldn’t even complete my normal route because of the heat, and my girlfriend said beware of the heat because it’s really very hot,” said one New Yorker.

Cooling centers are open citywide, but masks are required.