NEW YORK - State lawmakers plan to hold public hearings on how Governor Andrew Cuomo handled state-regulated nursing homes during the outbreak.

The hearings are set for August 3rd and 10th.

A report from the Cuomo administration found more than 6,000 nursing home residents died from COVID-19 during the pandemic.

But the report does not blame the governor's office for the deaths.

"It didn’t materially impact the overall outcome which was the timing. The fatalities happened long before the admission policy. The workforce itself was the driving factor because that’s when those infections came in early on. Those material facts would not be changed one way or another," said Jim Malatras, advisor to Governor Cuomo.

Critics say the report fails to include nursing home residents who died in hospitals, making the data incomplete.

A state policy required residents who left nursing homes for COVID treatment be admitted back into those homes after they were released from the hospital.