In a press conference Sunday evening, Mayor de Blasio offered praise to the federal government in responding to New York City’s coronavirus needs.

The mayor said there are 32,308 confirmed coronavirus cases in the city, and 678 deaths as of this afternoon. That’s an increase of 161 people who died in the last 24 hours due to the virus.

According to the Mayor, 911 calls have skyrocketed, putting enormous strain on the system.

He said the plan is to add more personnel to make sure when New Yorkers dial 911, that service is available for them.

Elmhurst hospital continues to face challenges, the mayor said. 55 ventilators were sent there to treat COVID-19 patients. 1,400 ventilators have been distributed to hospitals, but the City anticipates needing 15,000, so there is “a long way to go.”

Also speaking on equipment, de Blasio said that yesterday, the United Nations provided 250,000 surgical masks for healthcare workers in the City.

The mayor’s message to all healthcare workers is “we are all in this together. We have to protect our healthcare workers.”

The mayor then confirmed Mount Sinai is creating a 68-bed field hospital in Central Park, part of a partnership with the Central Park Conservatory and said it should be operational by Tuesday.

Responding to concerns of Rikers Island and the City’s jail population, the Mayor said more than 650 vulnerable inmates have been released, and that the jail population has significantly reduced from where it was last year. 

De Blasio said starting at midnight, the Staten Island Gerry will move to hourly service only.

The ferry will still operate 24-7 de Blasio said, but that a 86 percent decrease in ridership was a concern.

De Blasio also said he spoke with Senator Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and stressed that the next federal stimulus must include direct relief for the city and State of New York. 

The mayor added that New Yorkers are following guidelines for the most part and are practicing social distancing as they should be.

“New Yorkers are taking instructions seriously. The vast majority are practicing social distancing. I want to thank all of you,” he said.