In an unusual move, Governor Cuomo is asking lawmakers to open up the state budget, and provide emergency funds to help respond to the coronavirus, should there be an outbreak in New York State.

“We will be sending an emergency supplemental appropriations bill up next week to the legislature asking for an additional $40 million as an emergency supplemental appropriation,” Cuomo said.

While there have been no confirmed cases, officials believe it is only a matter of time before one emerges. State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker says the good news about coronavirus is that it is not as deadly as other outbreaks that have given New Yorkers a scare in the past.

“Ebola had a 50 percent mortality rate. SARS had a 10 percent mortality rate. What we know right now is this is sitting at a 2 percent mortality rate,” Zucker said. “Flu usually has a point one to point two mortality rate. However, you also need to understand that there may be many more cases of coronavirus in China that we are not reporting.”

The rapid spread of coronavirus cases does appear to be larger than previous outbreaks the state has experienced. Officials say New York hospitals have ample supplies of emergency equipment for healthcare professionals, including surgical masks.

“We have instructed the institutions to the best of their capability to conserve all of these supplies because we do not know the duration of this epidemic,” said Ken Raske, who’s the president of the Greater New York Hospital Association.

Most of the emergency supplies are actually manufactured in China, meaning that it could be tough for New York to get more since they’re are needed in that country. Cuomo says he’ll speak to the legislative leaders who are open to passing the emergency supplemental appropriation next week.