Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza is trying to make peace with parents after he was criticized for storming out of a meeting in Queens about two weeks ago.

"I apologize because, as a parent myself, I can only imagine the pain that parents are feeling when their children have been hurt," Carranza said at an unrelated meeting Wednesday night that was attended by one of the parents involved in the previous argument. "We and I do what we do because we want to ensure parents, and we want to ensure that students have a safe and secure environment."

That previous argument stems from a District 26 meeting which started late and ended early as crowds grew angry over the school’s chancellor and superintendent’s response to Katty Sterling’s daughter being physically assaulted at MS 158.

Sterling wasn’t the only one upset. Scott Salzburg wanted to know why he wasn’t notified after his young teenage daughter was allegedly sexually assaulted inside MS 158.

The meeting was originally supposed to also address questions revolving around funding, teacher support, and support for advanced classes. But most were highly concerned about the recent violence, harassment and reported sexual assaults within in the district.