Protesters rallied in Downtown Brooklyn Friday evening against what they say is police brutality from the NYPD in the wake of two confrontations caught on video between officers and civilians in the last week.


Crowds flooded the streets of Downtown Brooklyn for what they call an emergency call to action.


Demonstrators want repeal of a law that limits the release of certain police records, like officer performance records.

They're also pushing for an end to the MTA's fare evasion campaign, which places several hundred additional police officers in the subway system. 

"We see people in poverty increasing every single day, struggling to make ends meet. People working two, three jobs, barely keeping a roof over their head. And what's the city's response? Hire more cops. Beat people up who can't afford to pay the fare," said one protester.

"I understand that there are fares, but people are really struggling, and I think that the response has been really egregious and violent," said another. "The people who are inflicting violence on marginalized communities should really be held accountable."

The family of a teen punched by an officer it the Jay Street-MetroTech station last Friday, a confrontation seen on video, is suing the officer and the department.