NEW YORK - New numbers show city police officers have been making fewer arrests in the weeks since NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo was fired for his role in Eric Garner's death.

The department fired Pantaleo on August 19. Since then, Police Commissioner James O'Neill says felony arrests are down 11 percent.

He also says there's been an 18 percent drop in misdemeanor arrests and a 32 percent drop in moving violations.

The commissioner points out that overall crime is still down across the city, and warned officers that they have a responsibility to keep that trend going.

"There is accountability here and there are leadership issues here. Police officers have a responsibility to keep people safe. They need to do their jobs," O'Neill said.

After Pantaleo was fired, Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch urged officers to proceed with caution while doing their jobs.

Union delegates also held a no confidence vote on the commissioner last week calling for his resignation. 

O'Neill says he has no plans to step down.