NEW YORK - Mayor Bill de Blasio's presidential campaign has never taken off since he launched his bid in May, but he's only just now admitting that his run for the White House could soon be over.

The mayor already failed to qualify for next week's Democratic debate in Texas because of low polling and a lack of donations.

Speaking at an unrelated event Wednesday, de Blasio said it will be hard to press on if he misses the debate planned for October.

"So obviously I wanted to get into the September debates - that wasn't possible. I think the logical thing to say is you know I'm going to go and try to get into the October debates and if I can I think that's a good reason to keep going forward and if I can't I think it's really tough to conceive of continuing," De Blasio said.

The deadline to qualify for next month's primary debate is October 1.

The criteria are the same as for September's showdown.

Candidates need to hit at least two percent in four DNC-approved polls, and get 130,000 donors.

The mayor is not close to crossing either threshold.