Teens are showing off their "green thumbs" to make for a healthier Manhattan.

Dozens of 14 and 15-year-olds have been weeding, harvesting and watering at the Jefferson Houses in East Harlem since last month.

The young gardeners are part of the non-profit Concrete Safaris' Outdoor Leadership Academy.  It's a paid internship designed to teach leadership skills that prepare them for their future jobs.

Throughout the summer, the kids have learned property management, plant science and customer service skills. They also distribute the vegetables they grow for free.

"This made me think that gardening was way harder than I thought it was. I knew it was already hard. But me doing it makes it way harder. Plus you're in the sun a lot. But it just shows, makes you a good, hard worker," said intern Pharell Kendall.

Other students in the Outdoor Leadership Academy are spending their summer promoting healthy lifestyles, fixing bicycles and designing obstacle courses.