ALBANY, N.Y.  The state Education Department is thinking of scrapping Regents exams as a high school graduation requirement.

Currently, students are required to pass five of these exams to receive a diploma.

This move would be part of an effort to improve the state's graduation rates, which have increased minimally in recent years, while gaps remaining for students of color, students with disabilities and English language learners.

Some members of the Board of Regents are questioning the exams' effectiveness and are looking to create more avenues for students to graduate.

The Education Department released a statement saying, "The Regents remain committed to moving forward with its review of what is necessary to earn a diploma in New York State. No decisions have been made at this point. The draft timeline presented at the July 2019 meeting was just that – draft."

They announced at their meeting that they will convene in the fall to further discuss the decision.