The TWA Hotel opened at Kennedy Airport nine days ago, and it's already been given a failing grade.

The hotel's food court has been shut down for badly flunking its first health inspection, state health department records Friday evening confirmed.

The food court scored 73 points in its pre-permit inspection Tuesday; restaurants that receive 28 points or more get a C rating and may be closed.

According to the records, the food court had sanitary violations that include:

  • A lack of facilities to wash utensils and equipment.
  • Food not being protected from potential contamination during storage, preparation, transportation, or when displayed or served.
  • Hot food dishes not being held at or above 140 degrees.
  • Food from an unapproved or unknown source, or canned from home.
  • Packaged fish in the food court was not frozen before it was processed.

The iconic TWA terminal at JFK Airport reopened as a boutique hotel meant to celebrate the building's 1960s architecture.

NY1 has reached out to TWA Hotel and Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office for comment.